Residential and Commercial Garden Maintenance for £32.50 Per Hour


Organic Gardens has been maintaining gardens across South West London for over a decade. We provide high-quality garden services for £32.50 per hour to residential and commercial properties. Whatever you require in your garden, our fantastic gardeners can perform a wide range of services, ensuring bespoke care tailored to your unique space.

Our team is skilled, knowledgeable, and friendly, undertaking both routine and specialist tasks throughout the year to ensure customers’ gardens are always at their best. With a focus on comprehensive garden management, the team provides regular updates on seasonal requirements, promoting the health and beauty of gardens in every season.

We welcome enquiries for any form of gardening service; be it one off tidy ups, lawn care, planting or hedge cutting. For a free estimate, speak with our Maintenance Team on 020 8058 0270.


Our garden maintenance service covers everything and anything you might require from professional gardeners to enhance the beauty and health of your garden. Below is a comprehensive list of our most popular gardening services:




Lawn Care







Leaf Blowing


  • Planting
  • Lawn Care
  • Turfing
  • Edging
  • Bulbs
  • Composting
  • Pruning
  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Hedging
  • Leaf Blowing
  • Strimming


At Organic Gardens, we uphold a unique ethos combining high-quality gardening with a deep commitment to the environment. Our practices ensure your garden looks beautiful and contributes positively to the ecosystem. We promote biodiversity by prioritising sustainability in every task we undertake, from plant care to pest management.

Our experienced team is second to none, having taken years to cultivate. Certified and qualified, our gardeners bring extensive plant knowledge, with specialists in plant selection, design, and lawn care. We only select gardeners passionate about organic gardening and the environment, ensuring your garden is nurtured with dedication.

Our commitment to organic practices enhances the beauty of your garden and ensures its health and vitality for years to come. Choose Organic Gardens for a garden that’s meticulously cared for and beautifully maintained.

Customers Love Our Work


At Organic Gardens, we employ specialised skills that make a tangible difference in the vitality of the gardens we tend. With deep-rooted experience in horticulture, our team possesses extensive plant knowledge essential for selecting and caring for plants that thrive in their specific environments, leading to healthier, more resilient gardens.

In lawn care, we use methods such as core aeration to alleviate soil compaction and improve root growth. Our weed management practices control invasive species without harming surrounding plants, ensuring a lush, well-maintained lawn. These practices contribute to a greener, more robust lawn that can better withstand environmental stresses.

By integrating these expert techniques, Organic Gardens ensures every garden receives the highest level of care. Our commitment to precision, quality, and sustainability enhances both beauty and long-term health. This is the Organic Gardens difference, where advanced practices meet unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship.



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    Gardening Organically

    What sets Organic Gardens apart from other gardeners in South West London is our commitment to organic gardening. We approach gardening naturally, never using synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, thereby maintaining the health of the ecosystem. Our methods promote a sustainable, healthy garden environment in harmony with nature.

    We increase soil fertility by mulching and using other organic matter, enriching the soil with nutrients essential for plant growth. We are big advocates of mulch as it feeds the soil, prevents erosion, and suppresses weeds, leading to a more robust, resilient garden. Mulching also reduces the need for frequent watering, saving time and resources.

    We encourage nature to thrive; our planting schemes are bee and bird friendly, fostering a rich biodiversity within client’s gardens. We promote the creation of wildlife meadows, green roofs, and living walls to enhance the habitat for various species. Speak with our team to learn more about our organic approach and how it can benefit your garden.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions about your garden, please do not hesitate to ask as we would be more than happy to share our knowledge with you. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

    We provide garden maintenance services to properties across South West London. Our coverage includes Barnes, Esher, Hampton, Kew, Kingston, Molesey, New Malden, Raynes Park, Richmond, Sheen, Sunbury, Surbiton, Teddington, Twickenham, Weybridge and Wimbledon amongst others. 

    Organic Gardens offer a full suite of professional gardening services. These include but are not limited to; planting, lawn care, turfing, border design, mulching, composting, weeding, pruning, shrub trimming, hedging, strimming, leaf blowing, patio cleaning, fencing, repairs and clearance.

    It depends on the size of the garden and what work you would like us to carry out. The first step in the process is for our Maintenance Manager to visit your property so they can discuss with you, and assess what work is required. Once we have an understanding, we will present you with a recommendation for the number of hours per visit.

    Yes, our gardeners often take care of odd jobs as part of their visits. Just let our Maintenance Manager know what you would like us to do, then we will take care of it for you.

    Absolutely! Gardens look best when they are maintained consistently. Our most popular packages are for 2 monthly visits at 4 hours per visit.

    Our rate is £32.50 +VAT per hour for all our gardener services. However, this does not include plants or materials. For example, if you required us to purchase bulbs for your garden these would be an additional cost but the planting of them would be included in your maintenance hours.

    Our invoice cycle is on the 15th of each month and we only invoice for the hours we work. If we are unable to work a scheduled booking or have to cut short a booking, then you will not be billed for any hours not completed. 

    We accept payment by bank transfer for one off visits and by Direct Debit for regular scheduled work.


    Our gardeners are enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable. We understand that your garden is an investment and so treat it as such. Our maintenance program is designed to ensure our customer’s gardens look their best and thrive all year round. Whether it is routine upkeep or specialised care, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service.